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Addicted to White Poppy

11/24/2013 Phil Pickens 0

Freefall Shoegaze in the style of Grouper, Slowdive, Broadcast, and The Cure. Check her new song and video, plus her cover of “Last Christmas” by Wham! […]

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New Light Asylum – End Of Days

09/07/2011 Phil Pickens 0

They’re one of the bands we can’t stop talking about, even with less than 20 minutes of music released. We’re taken with Shannon and Bruno; it’s really they’re fault we are smitten. Another super fan, […]

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Gimmie Gimmie Back My Glasses!

05/11/2010 Phil Pickens 0

I just heard this on a Lenscrafters commercial. I had to put on the record just to double triple check that it was actually the Hunx and his Punx version. The comments section on youtube […]

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Serena-Maneesh Sign With 4AD

01/20/2010 Phil Pickens 1

Serena-Maneesh have joined the roster of perhaps the most influential independent label ever.  The now 30+ year old 4AD has seen its share of ups and downs, and 2010 looks like a definite upswing.  Besides […]