DIIV – How Long Have You Known Video

I recently had the pleasure of seeing DIIV live with Frankie Rose and the unmatched Stephanie at Neumo’s. It was one of the most bouncy and happy sets I’ve seen in years. Their set up was very sparse, so after they set up, they sat down, on the stage. It was like they were waiting for the sound person, or someone else, to tell them they could start. Once they did begin, we were shot in the heart with severe melancholia and a twist of joy. This song stood out, and the video is just as fun. Fill a blender with the IN UTERO cassette tape, clips of hair, God, lava lamp juice, and so much more and you have the DIIV sound. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean. Fair warning, this song could take up a small space which will crash on the sofa of your limbic system. If this is confusing to you, just trust us, it’s really going to be a really good thing.