• 04.14.11

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    Wow, I’m sure cranking these things out! Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed our COLORCASTS so far. This issue is a little bit more “out there.” If you received a CD version of this at OBSCURE + OBSCENE at PONY, you know what I mean. This month’s zine features a UFO pamphlet, with the highlight being a picture of Michael Jackson and E.T. – or as I like to refer to them, Alien vs. Predator. Oh, snap!

    There are recordings of witnesses recounting their own run-ins with UFO’s and some amazing tracks by Guitar, Seeland, Secret Shine, Glass Candy, O.M.D. and many others. …

  • 03.24.11
    COLORCAST THREE: Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves!
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    My Dear Friend, John Campos (DJ Toast) and I will be spinning 80’s tunes for an amazing cause in Portland this weekend! I always love the trip down to PDX and doing it with great friends always makes it better! The ultimate, modern philanthropists, The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence are throwing a party for an amazing cause which is close to the heart of our closest Sister, Sister Helen Baak. From the invite:

    Dig out your leg warmers, sweater dress and geometric earrings… the Sisters are taking you back to the 80’s! Join us at Crush on Saturday, March …

  • 03.09.11
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    The Color Awesome COLORCAST is the companion to my monthly DJ night, OBSCURE+OBSCENE at Seattle’s PONY. It happens on the second Thursday of every month. This month’s mix is a sun drenched affair – an attempt to jump start warmer weather in the Pacific Northwest. I hope you enjoy it. Track listing and download or stream after the jump. Continue Reading…

  • 01.09.11

    COLORCAST PREMIERE – Phil’s 2010 Highlights
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    It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this for just a little over two years now. We’ve Light Asylumed, Diamond Ringed, Sea Wolfed, Death Cabbed, Best Coasted, and Ariel Pink’d. We’ve muckraked, Siriused, indie rock playlisted, photographed, bitched, busted, apologized, been apologized to, misspelled, mis-heard, revealed and ultimately tried really hard to be just us. So thanks to all of our regular readers. We said it at the beginning; we aren’t professionals, we’re fans. We may not be perfect some of the time, but we appreciate your hanging with us through it all. So back to not-so-serious business!

    I’ve put …

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