Primal Scream and The Knife Return With Creepy, Long Form Videos

So I guess everyone has to have a fucking crazy, long ass, comeback video to get attention – or do they?  MIA, Spiritualized, and more recently, Primal Scream and The Knife, are using the long-form video format filled with plenty of shock value to get attention for their new records.  As good as the new Primal Scream single, “2013” is, I’m not so sure the video follows suit.  It’s good, but not great, and doesn’t feel like a match for the song.  As for The Knife’s new track, “Full Of Fire,” the video and the track are a perfect match.  Combined, these videos total around 20 minutes, which begs the question; does anybody have time for this? You be the judge, I got something I gotta do.