Gimmie Gimmie Back My Glasses!

I just heard this on a Lenscrafters commercial. I had to put on the record just to double triple check that it was actually the Hunx and his Punx version.

The comments section on youtube for this are funny. Some heard it on the commercial and thought it was “gay”; yes they were being rude and offensive (and they are gay.) Others thought it was a sell-out. Well guess what? If you were in a band who toured for years and put out a bunch of 7″‘s all while keeping your day jobs – you’d be chuffed, that’s what! I think it’s kind of cool. Just like Hunx.

Here’s the video. If you haven’t picked up their newly released collection, appropriately titled Gay Singles you’re missing out on a fun Ramones vs. Ronettes Romp! Check out another cleverly crafted video for ‘Cruisin’ after the jump.