We offer space on our site for businesses who align with our music and visual aesthetic.  Which is to say that we’re very picky.  Our newest launch highlights a more graphic, photo heavy presentation to engage readers.  We use Ad Rotate which is a WordPress plugin which rotates ads from multiple sponsors.  Currently, we are working with close friends and businesses by offering free advertising space.  There are many reasons for the free introductory rate.

  • For our sponsors, we are able to collect and forward data (primarily click rate) which might prove useful to them.
  • For our readers, we hope to offer “bonus” content which goes beyond our pages and enhances their experience at The Color Awesome.  We want to share music, art, and fashion which align with the content we provide.
  • For us, we hope to learn more about what will make The Color Awesome a site our readers will want to return to, and interact further with.

Although we are based in Seattle and the Bay Area, our readers are from all over the globe.  We welcome ads with links to music/video content which align with our tastes and are designed accordingly.

We welcome promotors from Seattle and the Bay Area who may be looking to highlight upcoming events.  This might include upcoming festivals, calendar of events, or one event.

Seattle and Bay Area businesses with mail order products which appeal to visitors from elsewhere (exclusive local art/photography, unique wearable merchandise, coffee beans/accessories) will work nicely.

This is new ground for us, and we like to keep things friendly and simple.  We are currently curating sponsors who we feel represent our tastes.  Future sponsors will be able to see our content, including the ads, to see if we are a match with them.

Thanks for your interest in The Color Awesome.  We appreciate all feedback and hope that you’ll consider being a part of our small corner of internet.

Take care,

Paige K. Parsons, Philip Pickens

contact us at info(at)thecolorawesome.com

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