Fan-filmed Cure Concert

Hundreds of fans of The Cure contributed video and photos to a project by a Polish fansite to stitch together an enormous amateur multicam of the band’s Oct. 20, 2016, concert in ?ód?, Poland — and they’re now offering the nearly 3-hour film as a free download to fellow Cure fanatics.

This project of love was spearheaded by the fansite The organizers say their goal was to “assemble the best quality audio and video possible.” In this technological age, the were able to amass more than 350GB of footage. The quality varies from “from phone clips to 4K quality files.” They also were fortunate enough to obtain near-soundboard audio to use over the visual footage.

The final film comprises the entire 31-song, 2-hour-43-minute concert. Check out the link below to download the film in a variety of formats. If you just want to dip yr to in to the project, you can check out the full setlist, and several individual videos from the full performance in the links below.

LINK: Download the full Lodz multicam





Setlist: The Cure, Atlas Arena, ?ód?, Poland, 10/20/16

1. “Plainsong”
2. “Pictures of You”
3. “Closedown”
4. “High”
5. “A Night Like This”
6. “The Walk”
7. “Push”
8. “In Between Days”
9. “Boys Don’t Cry”
10. “Charlotte Sometimes”
11. “The End of the World”
12. “Lovesong”
13. “Friday I’m in Love”
14. “Just Like Heaven”
15. “The Last Day of Summer”
16. “Want”
17. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
18. “One Hundred Years”
19. “Disintegration”

20. “It Can Never Be the Same”
21. “Burn”
22. “A Forest”

Encore 2:
23. “Shake Dog Shake”
24. “Fascination Street”
25. “Never Enough”
26. “Wrong Number”

Encore 3:
27. “The Lovecats”
28. “Lullaby”
29. “The Caterpillar”
30. “Close to Me”
31. “Why Can’t I Be You?”