New To Me: The Twilight Sad

James of Twilight Sad-2795I saw The Twilight Sad perform live two weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to get James Graham’s haunting vocals out of my head every since.

Historically, I’m not a big fan of loud, dense, music, but this band has changed my mind. I hope to eventually put up a review of their live show, but in the meantime here are two songs. While both songs appear on their new CD, “Forget the Night Ahead“, I’m linking to an acoustic version of “I Became a Prostitute” I love this version, because you can really hear all the raw emotion in Jame’s voice. “Reflection of the Television” is loud and full of wailing guitars. Check out these two mp3’s, and if you like, explore a little more by listening to the entire album streaming at lala.

Reflection of the Television – The Twilight Sad

I Became A Prostitute – The Twilight Sad

Live acoustic( session)