We’ve been anticipating our first annual event for a few months, and we and the artists look forward to presenting you with an experience which will be hard to put behind you.  You might neatly place your CLOUDLESS experience in an imagined ephemeral capsule, yours to open when exploring memories past.  Bring a cloudless mind, and an open heart, we will fill them both with pop.  Here’s everything you need to know about the festival.

MAHOGANY LIVE, ON THE AIRWAVES @ KEXP 90.3– Tune in on Wednesday Night, May 23rd at 9:00 P.M. for an historic appearance from Mahogany.  From the Windy City to the Emerald City, Mahogany will join El Toro (Kurt B. Reighley) for a short set and interview.

DAY ONE, Thursday, May 24th.  Comet Tavern, 21+, $5  Event begins at 9:00 P.M.

Glitterbang are a proper pop band with unabashed, sing along, verse-chorus-verse structure, which sounds dismissive, but is indeed a compliment, given some of the recently failed attempts in these parts.  Glitterbang are among a handful of acts I am looking forward to watching out for in Seattle.  Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Nicki Danger has some serious pipes; and her partner, Joey V is a total gadget-head who makes some great dance tracks.  If Robyn and the Gossip were to throw down in an alley on the hill, you might have an idea of what Glitterbang sounds like!  I’ve been a (slightly raises voice) little excited when I have met them; they’re probably wondering who this grey haired guy who acts like a 14 year old girl is!  I don’t think they need much warning, and some of our readers will readily relay that I’m very knowledgeable about the business they’re in, and pretty harmless.  The Color Awesome has prepared a film to accompany Glitterbang’s performance for this event.  Bring your moves, and the shoes to match, because Glitterbang are going to take you THERE!

Adé – I don’t think every city has an Adé.  Sure, there are personalities and characters who stand out, and there are “drag queens.”   Adé transcends these generic descriptions, and is more of a presence on Seattle’s Capitol Hill – a sassy, hilarious, foul-mouthed, gorgeous, and talented presence.  Adé will be performing a few numbers tonight, including some new, original material which have some legit pop prowess.  Day one of the festival is queer leaning, and fabulous-ness is a requirement no matter what your orientation is.  Adé recently reminded us how much she hates feather boas, and we couldn’t agree more.  “I think they are the laziest way to try to be “glamorous” but they always look lame and tacky, unless you get a really good one, which are expensive. Point being – have some fucking imagination people!  There are lots of ways to look festive and glamorous that don’t include a fucking feather boa.”  We suggest you iron it, tuck it in – whatever you need to do, but don’t bring something you can buy at a party store to this evening or we will feed you to the gutter rats of Capitol Hill.

We will be spinning all vinyl sets for the evening.  DJ’s will include Thee Hypercvbe (members of Mahogany), DJ Cuddle Up (Erik Blood), and DJ’s Fist Fight (Jess Wamre), and UpAbove (me!).

DAY TWO, Friday, May 25th.  Comet Tavern, 21+, $10  Event begins at 9:00 P.M.

Mahogany are a longtime favorite of ours.  They have been very generous and dedicated to making this event something to remember.  There are secrets being kept, but I can state with certainty that Mahogany’s longstanding listeners will hear past, and future, classics.  Mahogany’s fully electronified set will be realized on this evening, and no fan of dreampop, shoegaze, and the like, should miss it!

Erik Blood, one of my lifelong friends, also happens to be a prolific producer, arranger, songwriter and ass-saver.  Erik agreed to join our festival at a busy time in his life, so we would like to thank him, and his band, for their time and dedication.  We hear it’s like herding cats over at the rehearsal hall and we can’t wait to experience the results of thier mad science.

USF (Universal Studios Florida) are new friends of ours.  They aren’t just the opening act on the second night of the festival, but they are playing first.  At approximately 10 P.M. on Friday, May 25th 2012, USF will take the stage as part of an entire evening.  If you’re joining us, please try to make this unforgettable performance, from another couple of guys who have very busy schedules, but have made the time for you, us, to enjoy something very special.


The Comet Tavern is located on Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill (aka “Party Mountain”) at 922 East Pike Street and 10th, on block east of Broadway, on your left.  If you’re coming from Vancouver, Portland, or other surrounding areas, keep in mind that all clubs on the hill are very strict about having identification on your person.  Just ask my Mom, who was turned away from Chop Suey a couple of years ago.  Her “punishing” the door guy and telling him how old she was, and that she could be his grandmother, was indeed entertaining.

Parking can be a monster, so we recommend coming to the hill a little early and staking your space.  There are several restaurants with all price ranges within blocks of the Comet, as well as “street meat” vendors and walk up pizza joints. If you need a quick snack in between sets, or a nice dinner out beforehand, you’re sorted in this neighborhood.

We are anticipating merchandise to be available at the shows, so bring a few extra bucks to get recorded material from the artists, event posters, wearables and more!

The Comet Tavern does not allow outside food or drink and you must have valid identification stating that you are over 21 years of age to enter the club.  There ARE in/out privileges, we recommend an early arrival to get your spot, and your hand stamp.

Until Wednesday, May 16th, you can help fund future projects from The Color Awesome and secure your ticket for both nights of the event in advance by heading over to our Kickstarter page.

Feel free to e-mail Phil@thecolorawesome with any other questions!  Are you coming?  Leave us a comment, or join the party at our facebook invite.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO Meagan Fredette at LATTERSTYLE for the lovely Mahogany photo.

You may find free to use high quality images, press and the like at the following links:


Erik Blood

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