Stephanie Unveil Trill Bundles Volumes 1 + 2

Our vote for breakout of the year, Seattle’s Stephanie, has revealed a teaser to their forthcoming, Erik Blood produced One Glove, called Trill Bundles (Vols. 1 +2).  Pretty much every music writer has been trying to get hold of a copy of something, anything, from the Erik Blood sessions.  Trill Bundles acts as an introduction to One Glove, as most of it was recorded during the sessions for the album.  At the request of Erik, Stephanie was isolated in another space in the studio to “make some stuff” in an improvised fashion, while Erik mixed down the songs for the album in another space.  Portions of the 4 -track improvisations will end up as transitions in between the songs of One Glove, or that was the plan the last I heard.  Vol. 1 is a experimental, art rock affair while Vol. 2, still experimental, is a mellow, Xanaxian trip, and is my favorite of the two, not to dismiss part one’s undeniable genius!  Download them now from the widgets below, and if you can get your hands on one of the cassettes that’s floating around Seattle, grab me one!

Stephanie look like they’re on a small break, and as we await One Glove, their only live appearance will be at Seattle’s nightmare festival, also known as the Capitol Hill Block Party.  If you can stand the prison-like atmosphere, don’t miss them.  They are the BEST live band we have in Seattle right now.  Straight. Up.

Photo by Krysta Jabczenski

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