Stephanie Get Closer To Releasing ONE GLOVE

We’ve done enough over-gushing when it comes to Seattle’s Stephanie. We’re finally able to share a track from their debut, One Glove, produced by Erik Blood (ex-Turn-ons, Shabazz, Moondoggies, STEPHANIE!).  “Cell 44” is a lonely, single plea from a prison cell.  Somehow, the prisoner, trapped inside his burlap sack, is resigned to his incarceration; yet longs for the things he misses.  “No Christmas!  No birthdays!,” desperately sings Wil Adams in his already trademarked operatic style.  The song, musically, is unconventional and we’re pretty sure it was constructed to give you a small chill, and a feeling of freedom, especially in the back half of it.  So no more talking.  Here is “Cell 44.”  There are a limited number of downloads on the Soundcloud page.  We’ve also included the video for “Cell 44” from the somewhat recent KEXP session – if you like it, we’ve included the entire 20 minute version which includes another three songs, and some adorable banter, by some adorable boys.