Grave Babies – “Nightmare”

Goth is funny. In the 80’s (well, late 70’s – but their influence), arguably the first goth band, Joy Division were serious business. Their intensity was darker than dark; it was scary, but not in a “BOO!” way. Siouxsie was also somewhat serious, but when you add one of the most important elements of Goth, dressing up, it adds kitsch, becomes a gimmick. Most dance club goth in the 80’s was kind of fun. You got to dig into your Mom’s makeup kit and attempt to look like a Sister of Mercy or Robert Smith. It was as serious as a high school girl’s diary, and they lyrics were pretty close to that as well.

Goth has returned, and this time with a vengeance. It’s not as funny. Seattle’s Crypts scare the shit out of us and I don’t think Zola Jesus seems like she’s have a very fun time. Bands like Light Asylum, Blessure Grave, and Soft Kill are serious business. But there’s a bright side. Seattle’s Grave Babies don’t really scare us, we’re just a little concerned, that’s all. Their pop melodies and A Broken Frame era Depeche Mode harmonies all blasted out like contemporaries Weekend and A Place To Bury Strangers assure us that they aren’t going to hurt themselves or anyone else.  It’s light, but heavy at the same time.  It seems to us that instead of cutting themselves, they might prefer a pint now and again.  We hope that’s the case anyway.

The Gothdammit EP is out on April 17th.  “Nightmare” is one of the highlights from the EP, as well as my favorite “Fuck Off” which doesn’t match its title.  It’s gorgeous and melodic and I’ll have it on repeat for the rest of the year.  You can preorder it now from Hardly Art, which we highly recommend!  Download Nightmare now.