Tools you can use: Tracking Local Concerts

Keeping up with tours and concerts can be time-consuming. Here are a couple of tools to help you out!

iConcertCal: Finding Relevant Concerts Near You

There are literally 100’s of concerts going on in most metro areas each week. How’s a girl to keep on top of upcoming shows without wading through the crap? Enter iConcertCal. iConcertCal is an iTunes plugin for Mac or Windows that displays upcoming shows for all artists in your music library. It covers the United Sates, Canada and the UK.

What’s On Sale Soon in San Francisco

Each Thursday, Adrian at I Pick My Nose posts On Sale Soon,  a comprehensive list of Bay Area concerts going on sale in the next few days. He must be racking up some large quantities of Karma from bay area hipsters because he even posts presale passwords. Thanks, Adrian!

Concert Presales in Seattle

I wish I had a better lead in this area. One source of Seattle presale info is The Herald’s Pop Secrets Blog. Their presale coverage is a bit hit or miss. For example this week they covered presales ranging from The Jonas Brothers to Phish. Maybe some of our readers have tips for keeping on track of the Seattle scene…