Flashback: Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop

This is an excellent track from the Section 25 album “From the Hip“.

This track had been reworked by Bernard Sumner (New Order) and A Certain Ratio A Certain Ratio drummer Donald Johnson (aka DoJo) as the single on FAC 108 (Factory Records release). Other releases of this song, the much extended “Restructure” and “Megamix” versions met with considerable success, particularly on import in the US, where Hilltop broke as a club hit in New York. The single also received extensive airplay, and succeeded in crossing over to black and Hot Mix stations in the Chicago area (as well as being a big hit in clubs like Medusa’s and Orbit Room). Hilltop was also sampled by both The Shamen (1992) and Orbital (1993)

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  1. Wow, finding this just took me back to my childhood. My Mum looks so young in this video. The band are still together and currently my Sister is handling the vocal duties. For those of you that enjoy this track you may want to check out the two new versions on Retrofit which is the latest album form the band; including a remix by New Order’s Stephen Morris.

    Nathaniel Cassidy

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