FAC. DANCE: An Essential Factory Records compilation

I think I know what Santa might be bringing Phil for Christmas. Strut Records has released a fab new compilation called Fac.Dance. The two-disc set is compiled and annotated by Bill Brewster (a la djhistory.com) It’s an auditory history of Factory Records. If you’re a frequent TCA reader you’ve got to know about Factory Records. Yes, THAT Factory Records. The seminal Manchester label founded by Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and graphic designer Peter Saville.

The collection of mixes and rarities focuses on some of the label’s early dancefloor-based work across key 12? mixes and rarities. As a press release for the effort writes, “This is the music that would provide the blueprint for the Manchester scene of the late ’80s and Factory’s heady later years – the Happy Mondays, James, Northside and the rest.”

It’s a critical history lesson for anyone interested in the formation of the Manchester scene in the late 80’s and beyond. You can purchase it via iTunes, bit given the rich annotations by Brewster, including rare artist photos and Peter Saville’s original artwork, this is one of those items that needs to be purchased in physical form. Here are a couple of tracks via Sound Cloud. Enjoy!

A Certain Ratio- Wild Party (from Fac. Dance) by Strut

Fac. Dance Bill Brewster Factory Records Mini-Mix by Strut

FAC. DANCE Tracklist:
CD 1
01. Section 25 – “Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)”
02. A Certain Ratio – “Wild Party”
03. Quando Quango – “Love Tempo”
04. 52nd Street – “Express”
05. Swamp Children – “Little Voices”
06. Biting Tongues – “Boss Toyota Trouble”
07. The Durutti Column – “For Belgian Friends (Valuable Passages version)”
08. Royal Family & The Poor – “Art On 45?
09. A Certain Ratio – “Knife Slits Water (12-inch version)”
10. Section 25 – “Dirty Disco”
11. Blurt – “Puppeteer”
12. X-O-Dus – “See Them-A-Come”

CD 2
01. New Order – “Confusion (Original 12? mix)”
02. Shark Vegas – “Pretenders Of Love”
03. 52nd Street – “Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix)”
04. Streetlife – “Act On Instinct (Hot Swedish Mix)”
05. The Hood – “Salvation! (Nitromix)”
06. Abecedarians – “Smiling Monarchs”
07. Quando Quango – “Atom Rock (Mark Kamins Mix)”
08. Marcel King – “Reach For Love (New York Remix)”
09. 52nd Street – “Look Into My Eyes”
10. Quando Quango – “Genius”
11. Swamp Children – “You’ve Got Me Beat”
12. The Durutti Column – “Madeleine”

Digital Only Bonus Tracks:
Minny Pops – “Time”
Kalima – “Black Water”
Royal Family & The Poor – “Motherland”