Playlist: April 18th Sirius XMU Download 15

ipod-radioHere’s the April 18th Sirius XMU “Download 15” playlist. It makes me happy to compile this playlist to share with our readers. Do you appreciate it? Use your manners like your momma taught you, and thank us with a comment below. Full track list after the jump.

Sirius XMU Download 15 for Saturday, April 18th 2009

    Zero (Animal Collective Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    listen to Zero | buy | myspace

    Lisztomania by Phoenix
    listen to Lisztomania | buy | visit myspace

    Cheerleader by Grizzly Bear
    listen to Chearleader | buy | vist myspace

    A Diamond And A Tether by Death Cab For Cutie
    listen to Diamond And A Teather | buy | visit myspace

    Slowly (Oh Slowly) by Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band
    listen to Slowly (Oh Slowly) | buy | visit homepage

    Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix) by U2
    listen to Get Your Boots |
    buy |visit myspace

    The Rake’s Song by The Decemberists
    listen to The Rake’s Song | buy | visit myspace

    Daniel by Bat For Lashes
    listen to Daniel | buy | visit myspace

    Now We Can See by The Thermals
    listen to Now We Can See | buy | visit myspace

    The Reeling by Passion Pit
    listen to The Reeling | buy | visit myspace

    Land Of The Freak by King Khan & His Shrines
    listen to Land Of The Freak | buy | visit myspace

    When I Grow Up (Hakan Lidbo Remix) by Fever Ray
    listen to When I Grow Up | buy | visit myspace

    Fate To Fatal by The Breeders
    listen to Fate To Fatal | buy | visit myspace

    Hang On by Illinois
    listen to Hang On | buy | visit myspace

    I Can See The Future by Iran
    listen to I Can See The Future | buy | visit myspace

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  1. Thanks. Lends some musical focus to someone who doesnt have Sirius and was there the first time Morrissey dissapointed at Coachella.

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