Morrissey walks off stage at Coachella, cancels Oakland show and goes clubbing instead

morriseyWe just got word that tonight’s Morrissey concert at The Paramount in Oakland was canceled. This is his third Bay Area cancellation, and the fans are not happy. Especially after showing up at a trendy club later in the evening.

Why was the show canceled? Maybe he was attacked by a gang of pissed off photographers who’d had enough of his ridiculous photo releases. I’m guessing it was more likely there were too many summer BBQs smoking up the air in the neighborhood. In any case, Morrissey’s diva ways are not winning any brownie points with fans this weekend, especially me.

Morrissey played Coachella last night. According to NME, midway through the set, Morrissey said, “I can smell burning flesh and I hope to God it’s human,” as the smell of barbecued meat from nearby Coachella food vendors wafted through the desert air. A few minutes later, the infamous vegetarian up and walked off the stage in the middle of ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’.

He returned shortly afterward, saying, “The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I just couldn’t bear it.” Morrissey was reportedly able to finish his set, which included his most recent single ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’.

Don’t get me wrong – I have no love of meat. I’m a 20-year strong vegetarian myself, but this seems a bit much, don’t you think?

Update: It’s Saturday 10:14pm, still the night of the canceled show and just saw a tweet from commanda: “Morrissey is here at DNA Lounge. He was offended when the bouncer carded him.”

Update: It’s 10:30pm, and he couldn’t have been too offended because according to digitalgoth’s tweet: “Hmmm. Morrissey is sitting at a booth @dnalounge. Kinda surreal.”

Sick enough to not perform, but well enough to go clubbing, eh?

I’d love to get the crowd at the DNA lounge riled up via twitter and call him on his behavior. It’s especially odd given that his opening act, Kristeen Young, decided to play with the clowns tonight at Bohemian Carnival at DNA Lounge after the Paramount show was canceled . Even weirder, why did Kristeen Young agree to tour with him after Morrissey kicked them off his 2007 tour?

So I’ve searched Twitter for posts complaining about Morrissey’s canceled show, and tweeted back that he’s at the DNA Lounge. Let’s see what happens. Inquiring bored minds want to know…

morrisseyUpdate 11:40: @ kiasuchick heard from me that he was at DNA and stopped by. His manager yelled at her after she snapped a picture and tried to express her displeasure to Moz about the canceled show. Picture @ left <—-

Update: 11:45pm: According to a pissed off @Miss_Chaos: “Morrisy has left the building. So all you jackasses who came/were comming down just to try and fuck with a celebrity can go home now.”

Gotta work on that spelling, dear. Paige.

I can’t decide if I’m ashamed or proud about stalking him and stoking the fires of already irate Morrissey fans via Twitter. One thing is for certain: I am impressed with the power of the internet. I caused Morrissey to leave the DNA Lounge by obsessively tweeting while half-naked from my recliner in Palo Alto.

Here’s a video of him from last night generally losing it and walking off stage at Coachella:


  1. for one , he played the complete live version of the song, leaving only to change his shirt as he always does mid set.

    and two, you berate someone for typos that came in a mobile text, yet you misspell a word in the friggin headline of your precious article!

    haha you did not come close to what you are pathetically reaching for.

  2. “Here’s a video of him from last night generally loosing it and walking off stage at Coachella”

    Gotta work on that spelling, dear.

  3. Rightly so he did that. The thought of flesh burning is enough to make any human walk away.

  4. One thing is for certain: I am impressed with the power of the internet. I caused Morrissey to leave the DNA Lounge by obsessively tweeting while half-naked from my recliner in Palo Alto.

    not the biggest Morrissey fan but wow do you ever sound pathetic here

  5. No Defense. Shameless.

    I have been a fan since the Smiths days but have always hated this aspect of Morrissey. It’s like everything he does, he does for himself and the fans are secondary. “Oh, the lowly masses, just can not work up the energy to appease the riff-raff tonight in… what was that town called? Oh, I shan’t go there tonight. But I wonder what is happening in SF?”

  6. @Richard Sleeth:

    Pathetic? perhaps. Honest, certainly. If Moz had “pathetically” stayed in after his canceled concert, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’ll take pathetic over execrated any day.

  7. I’m officially outed at the worst speller in the world. My sincere apologies to @Miss_Chaos.

  8. What on earth is this fuss all about? Looking at your video, Morrissey did not lose it in any way. He left the stage, but that did not appear to be in any dramatic way as a consequence of smelling the BBQ or whatever it was. Have you not got something better to do?

  9. I saw the Morrissey concert in Austin and El Paso and he was just amazing. He gave his all and the crowd loved him for it. I also saw him at Cochella and I think he was very good. No where near his other concerts but he is an amazing performer and always come through. The smell of meat really was overwhelming and I felt slightly annoyed by it and I am not even a vegetarian. It smelled terrible. I really think Morrissey needs a break from his tour. He puts so much into his shows that I don’t doubt he gets worn out. If people don’t like him then they dont have to see him in concert. As for me, I will go to his shows as long as he is alive and performing. Everyone else with their two cents can just wither up and die. Because their bitching will be for nothing when I see them at his concerts singing to the same tunes as I am.

  10. The only reason why we are bitching about it, Mr. M, is because we HAVEN’T gotten to see Morrissey, unlike you who got to go to three of his shows. This isn’t the first time he has canceled Northern California, and yes, it does get a little tiring getting your hopes up to see him and then having them crushed the morning of the show by a cancellation message from Ticketmaster. Yes, he should have a break from his tour, but he should have the consideration for his fans to reschedule the canceled bay area show.

  11. For those of you others of bitching, it’s quite simple really. He has a very checkered history of cancelling dates especially when talking about California and, specifically, NorCal. I’m 40 and just as much of a fan as the next person but REALLY?!?! You can’t, as fans lucky enough to have seen him, empathize for those of us who have tried REPEATEDLY to attend a show or even to travel large distances to see him only to have the show/s cancelled at the last minute? I guess you’re not offended when you’re supposed to go out with someone several different occassions and they cancel on you at the last minute either, right? Come on. I saw him in Santa Barbara in 1990. He played one set and left for some unknown reason. No explanation was ever given and no money was refunded. My wife bought us tickets for my birthday to see him in San Francisco about three years ago. He cancelled that show due to being “sick” when, as facts have it, the show was far from sold out. We then were planning to travel out of state to see him and THAT show was again cancelled. For someone who lives in the “inhospitable” weather of California, he sure is sickened easily by it, and for those of you too selfish to show a shred of empathy for fellow fans, pull your head out.

  12. plain and simple: MOZ is a pompous ass for cancelling Paramount and then showing up @ DNA- he disappointed thousands of people. He is starting to resemble the spoiled pop stars he so often criticizes……….

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