The Color Awesome V.2.012 – Our New Look

Welcome to the new Color Awesome. We decided it was time to give the site a facelift, it was looking pretty old. Our new site makes it easier for you to choose the content you want to see. Our Download 15 playlist and Colorcast links at the top of the page gets you to new music right away. If you’re interested in our musings, you will notice a host of articles to choose from on the main page. We’re also more image oriented as well. Paige’s photography gets better exposure with the new layout. The slider at the top contains features you shouldn’t miss when visiting us. We are now running ads as well. Our ads are tailored to our site and will always take our visitors to interesting content whether it be music, art or merchandise – no “meet your Russian wife” or Little Caeser’s ads here. You can also look forward to interviews + Colorcasts from TCA favorites, a couple of new writers, and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

Our aim is to be better, not bigger. We take a glance back at the things that made us happy growing up, yet promise to bring you the newest from our respective cities, and elsewhere. Thanks for visiting our special corner of the web.  We appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stick around and explore 2012 along with us.

Much love,

Phil + Paige