OMD Release New Album and Teaser Single, “Decimal”

When we were younger, Orchestal Manoeuvres in the Dark were one of our favorites. Even some of the later records with super, poptastic songs still had avant garde tracks with slowed down, layered tracks and were more appropriate for a David Lynch film than John Hughes, and we were still all about it. And their B-sides? Don’t even get me started!  Here’s a new teaser single entitled “Decimal,” which is a new take on their “Time Zones” (see video below) sound collage from the fan polarizing DAZZLE SHIPS, a major favorite of ours.  Their new album, ENGLISH ELECTRIC, will be out worldwide in early April and comes on just about every format and mode of package design for every level of fanatic.  We’re hoping for another tour in the U.S. – the last one was one of the least insulting “reunion” shows I’ve seen; it was really about the fans for them.