CLOUDLESS – Our First Annual Event

We are introducing an annual festival in Seattle which we are calling CLOUDLESS. Yeah, we see the irony that it takes place in Seattle  We’d like to think of Cloudless as a state of mind – a sunny disposition, perhaps.  Whatever the weather, our festival is designed to create an uplifting experience, a clear vision.  CLOUDLESS will take place on May 24th and 25th, 2012 at The Comet Tavern.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our first event will also be a first for our headliner, Mahogany; it’s their first show ever on the West Coast.  Joining them will be long time friend of The Color Awesome, Erik Blood, and one of our few favorite bands from Seattle, USF.  On Thursday, the 24th, Phil from The Color Awesome will be joined by band members for an evening of socializing, and playin’ records; all are invited!  Friday the 25th will be the live show.

Mahogany is an electric music-based multidisciplinary media ensemble.  Their combination of vocals, cello, massed guitars, pianos, melodicas, sequencers, synthesizers, samplers, tape, percussion, and other instruments makes for Mahogany’s electro-acoustic sound.  Since their inception in the late 90’s, Mahogany has not had a chance to visit the West Coast of the U.S.  The CLOUDLESS event will be a chance for their listeners to finally see, and hear, them in a live setting.

Erik Blood is a thriving Seattle producer and musician who has produced recent works for Shabazz Palaces, Thee Satisfaction (both on Sub Pop), and forthcoming recordings for Stephanie and Crypts.  There aren’t many producers who can genre hop from Rock, Hip Hop, Industrial and Electronica as successfully as Erik.  He recently made Seattle’s City Arts “Future List” as the producer who will guide the current sound of The Emerald City.  His forthcoming album, TOUCH SCREENS, follows a recent soundtrack for the Brazilian film, “Center of Gravity,” as well as his self produced, cinematic masterpiece, THE WAY WE LIVE.  Erik’s dedicated band will join him in performing at the CLOUDLESS festival.

USF, formerly Universal Studios Florida, is a conceptual electronic duo who are also based in Seattle.  Their dreamy, tropicalia/balearic style is what many are calling “Chillwave,” but their music and ideas transcend the name of this so called microgenre.  Their 2010 release, “The Spray,” is inspired by Jonathan Lethem’s story of the same name.  Through an emphasis on complex rhythms and melodic layering, “The Spray” is an attempt to evoke a broader spectrum of emotions and create a tangible atmosphere; one soaked in the textures of the Pacific Northwest and ideas related to hauntology, nostalgia, and the impermanence of things.  It’s a beautiful album which compliments Lethem’s story (even down to the track titles) in a most extraordinary way.  We recommend that you seek out both, you won’t be sorry.

Details forthcoming on how you can secure tickets in advance.


Here are some samples of the entertainment for the evening.

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