Phil Joins Seattle’s Bottom 40 Queer Music Collective

I’ve recently been asked to join a new group of queer DJ’s called The Bottom 40 Music Collective.  Bottom 40 is Seattle’s first queer only DJ Collective, “contributed to only by the highest caliber of queer musicians who vehemently stick to their integrity and prowess in musical selections and mixing.” Well, I’m flattered to have been asked, and after some recent changes to my DJ schedule, sounds like a fresh and fun opportunity.  My contribution will be some of today’s less heard pop and dance artists from all over the globe, mixed with classic dance tracks from the likes of Factory, Mute, Salsoul, and more.  I get really nervous when it comes to new venues, primarily because of the equipment; I’m sure the Cuff has the good stuff – the place is huge! But usually, I’m jumpy because I want to do well and be invited back.  Patting myself on the back isn’t one of my strong suits, but I think I got this one in the bag.

For as long as I can remember, Sundays at The Cuff have been a classic “tea dance” featuring classic disco.  Bottom 40’s curator and creator, Kevin Kauer (DeeJay Nark/Nark Magazine) was recently asked to give it a make over, and I applaud his risky idea to blend a relatively large group of established and new-ish talent.  It must be a bummer for the haters that it’s already a success! There aren’t a ton of dancefloors in Seattle dedicated to unusual DJ styles and left of the dial music, hence the idea behind Bottom 40 (the antithesis of “Top 40”).  You don’t have to be gay to enjoy Sundays at the Cuff – it’s classically known as a place to dance your butt off on Sundays, and all are welcome. But then, as Gilda Radner would say, “it wouldn’t hurt!”

So there you have it.  My first night will be this Sunday, February 26th.  I will be spinning with Derek Pavone, who has penetrated the scene rather recently but sounds like an old pro.  Resident DeeJay Nark will be there as well.  We’ll be switching off all night from 6 P.M. – 2 A.M.  There are always drink specials and many restaurants close by so you can take a break!  I have a limited guest list, but if you comment here on the blog, I’ll put you on it!  You can put some requests in there too, if you like.  I hope to see you there!

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    • So Jessica, did you have a constructive comment? Nark was asked to do this weekly Sunday night, and in the first month the Super Bowl, Grammys, and Oscars fell on a Sunday. Odds were against him and he still booked DJs and got them there. If you were one of a handful of people who made it, why bother with negative comments? So no, it’s not “funny.” There are many elements which make it challenging to promote such an event; usually, it’s word of mouth, and your comment is counterproductive. What were you expecting, anyway? Xanadu?

  1. Just what I needed. More air-headed females sucking the fun out of my Sunday evening at the Cuff, taking up oxygen and floor space an contributing nothing to the fun.

  2. Well as one of the DJs who held down that night for almost 5 years, I wish them well! I told them we should have changed the format 2 years ago when the numbers started slipping. Change is GOOD!

    PS, I also wanted to play really underground disco and house tracks but never had a chance to.

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