Happy Birthday, Suggs!

When Paige and I first met in 1985, our music tastes were definitely criteria for our future friendship.  She was a Madness, Echo & the Bunnymen, English Beat girl; I was Depeche Mode, New Order and anything KROQ was playing in Los Angeles before my move to the bay area.

I think this photo was taken backstage at the Kabuki before it became a multiplex movie theater.  We also saw O.M.D. there, and possibly some other bands I can’t seem to remember.  We were pretty lucky that there were plenty of shows in San Francisco and Berkeley we could get into as teenagers.  Paige and I always had the same goal – meet the band.  And we did.  From fake accents on the phone with airlines and hotels, phony credentials and I.D.’s, and over-the-top stories to security people, we always seemed to get our albums signed and take photos with our heroes.  We were harmless kids, and bands treated us as such.  Paige got pretty close to the Bunnymen clan, and me New Order.  Christmas cards and fan letters were traded.  I miss those days, but then really, they’re not over we reckon.  I still get starstruck pretty easily, but I’m always pretty collected once the nerves wear off.  But not Paige, she’s cool as f*ck about those things!

So I guess I have to say thanks to Suggs, and all of our other favorite pop stars for always making our day.  We’re hoping Madness (and a couple of other bands) participate in what we on the Best Coast like to call Faux-a-cella; a small tour to other surrounding cities before or after their Coachella appearances.  So while we cross our fingers, and Paige decides what to wear to get a recreation of this photo, we’ll sign off by saying thank you, and happy birthday, Suggs!