Archie Bell and The Drells – “Tighten Up”

So there was this thing on facebook today where I was asked to find out the number one song from the week I was born.  I already knew the answer, because it’s ALWAYS been a song related to my birthdate.  My parents had pretty decent taste in music, and I’ve always credited our drives to watch the trains pass (“Snowbird” by Anne Murray), trips to amusement parks (“Groove Line” by Heatwave), and even leaving my Grandmother’s funeral (“Here’s Where The Story Ends” by The Sundays – for real) as influences on my love of music – and the memories associated with them.  My Mom always loved this song, and I’m sure she always knew that it was the big hit when I was born.  Even now, I remember driving around the San Fernando Valley with my Mom and Brother circa early 80’s in her Monte Carlo; her vanity plate read “MARI MS.”  We waited until the number one song on the American Top 40 was announced by Casey Kasem each week, guessing aimlessly and not taking the prior weeks’ chart into memory.  My good friends will tell you that one of the songs that reminds them of me would be “Tighten Up” by Archie Bell and the Drells.  When I finally found a way to DJ in clubs, I wouldn’t care what song I played it before or after because to me it always worked.  We’d like to hear what your birthday number ones are!

Enjoy these crazy guys jumping around, having fun and getting to number one doing it.  And now you all know how old I am.

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  1. two things just crack me up about this: first, the back-up singers never sing! they just ‘tighten up’! and second, that righteous nehru jacket the host is wearing…if i told you mine, well, let’s just say nobody wants to hear ‘the song from moulin rouge’ by percy faith…

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