Happy (Kathy) Valentine’s Day!

The Go-Go’s were my first favorite band.  I was nuts about Beauty and the Beat and I drove my Mom crazy with it.  My first favorite band soon lead into my first pop music magazine, first poster in bedroom, first concert, etc.  My room, including my ceiling was top to bottom, left to right Go-Go’s.  The image you see here is one that whas stuck on my wall and has stuck with me all these years – it always cracked me up that Cream Magazine had a “Stars Cars” column.  I’m not one to talk, believe me, but the captions on them were pretty awful, or at least – cheeseball!  Check out the fine print in the bottom of the photo for an example.

So anyway, today is Kathy Valentine’s birthday.  Kathy is still playing bass, and being fantastic with the Go-Go’s.  In the Go-Go’s, Jane was the cute one, Charlotte was the quiet one (yeah, right,) Gina was the tough one but Kathy was the cool one.  Which one was Belinda, anyway?  She had a dancing style that influenced a generation, so there’s that!

Happy Birthday, Kathy – I still adore you!  Keep an eye on the blog for our new Happy Birthday category.