Don’t Talk To The Cops – Big Ass Head

Hey Seattle, why so serious? Don’t get us wrong, we like Fleet Foxes, Perfume Genius and Band of Horses but have hey given the world the impression that we’re gloomy bastards? I don’t know that gloomy is the right description, but we surely are a little heavy on the melancholy up in these parts, especially this time of year. But things are looking up! Let us introduce you to Don’t Talk To The Cops. From their website:

With fierce b-boy style and head-banging beats, DON’T TALK TO THE COPS! has exploded on the scene with an infectious energy that creates an instant party. DjblesOne and emecks produce songs that are both nostalgic and progressive, combining elements of soul, hip hop, electronic and punk music with their fun attitude, humor and underground dance party vibe.

Warning: This is cathchier than the flu!  Check out their page for more information on their upcoming full length, Let’s Quit and for all our readers who are enjoying Paige’s Soundcloud links to The Download 15, here’s DTTC’s DjblesOne Soundcloud page filled with some pretty amazing mixtapes.  I recommend you download a few of them, throw some cardboard on the floor, and invite some friends over.  Instant Party TYMEZ.  Excellent!