Anton Corbijn exhibition at FOAM in Amsterdam

FOAM (Amsterdam Museum of Photography) is hosting the most recent photographic project of Anton Corbijn in an exhibition running until 1 September. Corbijn photographed some of his favourite artists like Gerhard Richter, Alexander McQueen, Richard Prince, Iggy Pop, Anselm Kiefer, Damien Hirst, Tom Waits, Peter Doig, Bruce Springsteen, Lucian Freud and Karel Appel.

The artist’s interest in the creative and musical worlds is well-known. He collaborated in a short film (Some YoYo stuff, 1993) with artist and musician Don van Vliet. Anton Corbijn is interested in the creative process of other artists: the pain and drama that goes into producing a work of art. His monumental black and white portraits are a combination of austerity and aestheticism. The spectator gains insight into the represented artists as well as of Corbijn.

During his thirty-year career, he has worked with many musicians and actors and is the “official” photographer for bands like U2 and Depeche Mode. Recently Corbijn has been focused on directing films like Control (2007) and The American (2010)

Corbijn has also directed many video-clips for musicians such as Joy Division, Nirvana, Coldplay and Johnny Cash. He has exhibited in major institutions and museums like Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, the Photographic Research Center in Boston and the Kunstmuseum in Vienna. Several monographs about Corbijn have been published. /via Art Media Agency (AMA)


  1. So sorry i wasn’t able to go to Amsterdam this week. Business obligations 🙁
    This exhibition is must see ,especially after coffee in coffee shop :):)

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