Noise For The Needy Begins Today!

Noise For The Needy is a grassroots group which holds an annual music and arts festival here in Seattle. Each year, a different organization in the beneficiary of the festival; this year, it’s the Real Change Empowerment Project. If you’re from Seattle, you’ve seen many low income or homeless folks selling the Real Change newspaper in front of grocery stores, coffee houses or on street corners downtown. Those of our readers from all over probably have seen a similar model in their city as well. Real Change‘s Mission is simple; “Real Change exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while taking action for economic justice.” I admit that I could buy the newspaper more often. But I’m just like a lot of people; I’m rushing to work with my super-gargantuan Americano and pastry that was probably about the price of seven or eight Real Change papers. Any of us could take a dollar (the cost of the paper) and toss it in our front pocket for when we come across someone in need selling the paper. One dollar to make your first world problems seem even more trivial.

Much good comes out of the paper and other projects Real Change produces. Noise for the Needy will definitely receive some deserved attention by locals this year with arguably one of the strongest and well planned festivals ever. New, upcoming acts will perform along side of some of the indie world’s most iconic acts. The festival kicks off on Tuesday, June 7th with Detroit Cobras, Girl in a Coma at Neumo’s. And those iconic acts I mentioned? How does Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) and Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) sound? You can see them the following night, Wednesday the 8th at Neumo’s as well. I’m personally honored to be DJing one of the shows on Friday the 10th at the Underground Events Center (that’s the super cool poster above.) That night’s line up are THE bands that will be shaping the next few years of music here in Seattle and it already looks like a sell out.

Learn more about the festival, its organizers and what artists are performing by visiting the Noise For The Needy website and consider joining up as a volunteer.

Noise For The Needy 2011 runs from June 7th through the 12th at various venues throughout Seattle’s Capitol Hill and other Seattle neighborhoods. Each event has a specific model for how much is donated to NFTN, so consider an extra five bucks once you’re inside one of the venues at one of the information tables. Like I mentioned; these guys and gals are grassroots and any help will keep this festival part of Seattle’s music and philanthropic culture.

Check out some of the acts on the poster after the jump