He’s baaaaak… Indie music fans rejoice as Criznittle and The Indie Rock Plalylist return

As we reported 18 months ago, I was so sad when the Indie Rock Playlist went silent in early 2009. Jonathan Hunt aka Criznittle was having some legal woes that prevented him from doing his thing online.

So imagine my surprise when I saw a comment from Jonathan that week on The Color Awesome. It could only mean one thing – The Indie Rock Playlist was back!

Jonathan’s been hard at work compiling tunes these past few months, and he’s back at it again. Here’s a short note he included with The April 2010 Indie Rock Playlist:

“My goal with this months playlist is to catch up with some of the great music that i’ve been missing out on, as well as all of the new music being released. if you’ve been downloading blalock’s playlist (i assume everyone is) you’ll notice that i’ve used quite a few songs that he’s used in the last year or so. i made an attempt to remove any song that he has used in his previous playlists, but there are some songs i just couldn’t part with. josh has done very well at covering all of the biggest singles.

I also wanted this playlist to be listenable from start to end, many of the rougher songs were removed to keep a steady flow. you’ll likely see many of these songs next month.”

Welcome back, Criznittle!

Download April 2010 Indie Rock Playlist
Download May 2010 Indie Rock Playlist


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