Chapterhouse tour postponed due to that damn volcano

The fallout from the Iclandic volcano continues…

A statement from Chapterhouse regarding the postponement of the USA tour

Due to the recent volcanic activity in Iceland Chapterhouse have been forced to reschedule their upcoming tour of North America. The disruption to international flights caused by the ash cloud left Stephen stranded in Japan. Although the earliest flight earmarked for his return to the UK was May 3rd, he managed to get a standby ticket and return on monday evening. However, this caused him to miss his interviews at the American Embassy, which means that there is no hope of us getting him a US artist visa in time for the shows.

We are all extremely disappointed that this is our only course of action, but wish to stress that the tour is being postponed, not cancelled. We are currently working hard with the promoters in order to find the best time to reschedule the shows, keeping them at the same venues with the same line ups. Any fans with tickets will be able to use them for the replacement shows. Due to Ashley’s commitments with his other band ‘Tunng’, the new shows are likely to be in the second half of September. We will confirm these dates as soon as possible.

The band are very upset about this turn of events and would like to convey their sympathy and apologies to everyone that will be affected, but on a more positive note, we intend to add a couple of dates to the rescheduled tour. Please bear with us. We look forward to playing in front of you all in a few months time.


Andy, Stephen, Simon and Ashley

Chapterhouse was scheduled to play in Seattle May 6th at The Tractor Tavern and in San Francisco on May 8th at the Mezzanine with Ulrich Schnauss and Fan Death.