Apple Applies for Patent on New iTunes “Concert Ticket +” System

Thought Ticketmaster was a big bully in the world of concert tickets? The times they are a changing. There’s a new bully in ticket town, Apple. In the fall of 2008 they applied for a. Apple’s “Concert Ticket +” patent issued this month patent application was revealed this month, as patent applications are published 20 months after filing.

If all the legalize in the above patent application link makes your head spin, then head on over to Patently Apple, where they’ve broken things down into more human friendly but still geeky terms. They’ve even got drawings!

“There’s no missing the point that Apple wants to enter the electronic concert and event ticket business via a new application and system simply called “Concert Ticket +.” The system that is laid out in this extraordinarily detailed patent, points to a new iTunes based web service for tickets that will naturally enhance the iTunes music empire. Apple definitely envisions a way to revolutionize the entire current concert ticket process so as to eliminate paper while enhancing the concert or event experience. Today’s patent reviews the basics of this new system as well as review the benefits of such a system which could include the concert goer receiving such things as a live recording of the concert they just attended or access to exclusive artist interviews or refreshments. Surprisingly, the patent goes far beyond concerts as well – so as to cover sporting events, amusement park admissions and rides (think Disney), a wedding invitation system and a lot more. In fact, one of the events that the report covers includes Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2010.” via Patently Apple

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  1. so some giant corporation will know where we are at all times…I love the way the patent’s concert example is the Rolling Stones, as if they’re implying the Stones are endorsing this new idea.

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