When volcanoes give you lemons… make a video! Bear in Heaven’s Dust Cloud

Published on April 23rd, 2010 by

Many bands’ touring plans were delayed, deterred, diverted, or altogether canceled because of the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption. One of those bands was Brooklyn synth-rockers Bear in Heaven. “Bear In Heaven was stranded in the Madrid Airport. Out of pure and unbreakable boredom, we put a camera on a baggage claim belt…” the band says at the beginning of this video for “Dust Cloud.”

The video literally turns shoegazing on it’s head, giving us a dreamy shoe’s-eye view courtesy of the slow spin of the luggage carousel. I love how this is mostly a single take, and how onlookers look down at the camera with mild curiosity, some wave, and others are oblivious.

Instead of spewing forth a twitter rant, or getting drunk, they got creative. I recently read that a couple members of Bear In Heaven are freelance video editors, so I love how they turned a bummer of a situation into a wonderfully hypnotic video for the aptly-named “Dust Cloud“, from last year’s Beast Rest Forth Mouth.

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