LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Internet Sensation!’

LCD Soundsystem According to NME, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy has revealed his new album’s working title is ‘Internet Sensation!’, because he hasn’t had time to think of a proper name.

“This record’s horrifying work title is ‘Internet Sensation!'”, Murphy explained to NME Radio’s Jon Hillcock. “I was thinking, ‘What would a guy who’s been out of the music scene for a long time, and has kids [do to promote himself]?’. ‘We gotta be internet sensations, that’s what everyone is now!'”

Speaking about the sound of the album, Murphy said: “There’s a little more guitar, there’s more synth on it. There’s maybe more melodies.” Murphy has said he believes the upcoming LCD Soundsystem album will be their final release. “I feel like this should be the last record because a lot of people make three good records and then they don’t make good records anymore,” he told Rolling Stone.

“And if we get any bigger than we are, I would lose some interest.

“I feel like I made a band that was about how I felt about music, as an argument, and I feel like I’ve kind of explained myself and it’s time to do something else.”

Murphy is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches to the record, which is due out in May.

The album includes the songs ‘All I Want’, ‘Pow Wow’ and ‘Get Along’.

Murphy also revealed more details about his soundtrack for the Noah Baumbach-directed “Greenberg”, which is due out on March 22. Acoustic-and-mumbler number “Birthday Song,” for instance, sounds like a first take with harmonies dubbed in later, but it’s delicate charm provides a daydreamy Florence, played by Greta Gerwig. “Gente,” an upbeat flamenco number in genre only, has the lackadaisically performed on guitar while the intensity of handclaps underscores Ben Stiller’s frenetic, idiosyncratic title character. Murphy enlists his falsetto for “Photographs” as piano and acoustic guitar delicately back him Badly Drawn Boy-style. The stompy-happy-buddy feeling of “Birthday Song” could’ve fallen straight off of Karen O’s docket for “Where the Wild Things Are.”

But then there’s the sole, new LCD track in the film, “Oh You (Christmas Blues).” Christmastime doesn’t come to pass in the movie, but the sentimental, longing emoting of 2007’s “Sound of Silver” seems to crop up again.

Murphy and his band are heading to a handful of major U.S. festivals this summer, including Coachella in April, the newly line-up Sasquatch!, Bonnaroo and Pitchfork Music Festival. A full-fledged tour is expected to be announced, to fill in the gaps.

Here are the tracks to be included on LCD Soundsystem’s new album:

Dance Yrself Clean
Drunk Girls
One Touch
All I Want
Pow Pow
Somebody’s Calling Me
What You Need

Here is the tracklist for the soundtrack to “Greenberg”:

01 James Murphy: “People”
02 Nite Jewel: “Suburbia”
03 James Murphy: “Sleepy Baby”
04 James Murphy: “Thumbs”
05 Albert Hammond: “It Never Rains in Southern California”
06 James Murphy: “Plenty of Time”
07 James Murphy: “Photographs”
08 James Murphy: “Gente”
09 Galaxie 500: “Strange”
10 LCD Soundsystem: “Oh You (Christmas Blues)”
11 James Murphy: “Birthday Song”
12 James Murphy: “Dear You”
13 The Sonics: “Shot Down”
14 Duran Duran: “The Chauffeur”
15 James Murphy: “If You Need a Friend”
16 James Murphy : “Please Don’t Follow Me”
17 James Murphy: “Photographs (Piano)”

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