New Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town

Long before Broken Social Scene, Toronto birthed its most formidable indie collective: The Kids in the Hall. I’ll surely date myself, but I still have a shit quality homemade VCR tape that Phil made me for my 21st birthday (complete with hand decorated cover) that contained 10 precious episodes of Kids In The Hall all on one extended play tape. This was pre-Tivo , pre-DVD writables, pre-YouTube, folks. Probably most of our readers were still in diapers when these shows first aired. But I digress…

The Kids are back with “Death Comes to Town“, an eight-part mini-series airing on the CBC. To mark the Kids’ triumphant return to Canadian TV, Torontoist is interviewing a different member of the troupe more-or-less every other week while Death airs.

So far Torontoist has published interviews with Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, and Scott Thompson. They’ve also gathered lots of funny old clips from the original series and a few bits from the new one as well. All the interviews are amassed on a “Back in the Hall” page on the Torontoist site.

I have no idea if this miniseries is available on cable here in the USA, but you can purchase individual episodes via the Canadian iTunes store.


  1. We have missed the show. Have the previous ones on DVD. CAn’t wait to see new material!

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