Interview: 90 Seconds with John O of Diamond Rings

John O, aka Diamond Rings recently did a 90 Second Egg interview with Grant Lawrence for the CBC’s Radio 3 podcast. It’s amazing the amount of personal trivia that can be crammed into 90 seconds. Here’s a transcript of the scoop on his first kiss, secrets to successful touring, and confessions of his recent criminal history. I’ve also included a video of an acoustic in studio performance of “Something Else” at the end of the post.

Interview: 90 Seconds with John O of Diamond Rings

last thing someone yelled at you on the street:

favorite breakfast dish:
vector – banana

what to you believe but cannot prove:
a recognizable and tangible shift in public conciseness in the year 2012

what city would you like to live in:

what animal you’re afraid of:
grizzly bear

favorite taste:

when should people go over the top:
all the time

last music you listened to:
Kyle Minogue

first person you made out with:
this girl at volleyball camp…

have you ever been in a fistfight:

besides making music, what do you love to do:
i like cooking

twitter name:

favorite movie star:
hmmm. Leonardo diCaprio

what causes you anxiety:
my inbox, my emil inbox

first band poster on your bedroom wall:
probably something like from a Constantine showing or something like that

first live show you saw?
sandra beach – children’s entertainer

what do you need:
support – help

heading or opening what do you prefer?
if it were opening for the pet shop boys, i’d probably prefer that.

should opening acts do encores?

last crime committed?

favorite drug?
probably marijuana

favorite genre of music?

what’s the secret to touring?
cliff bars

ever kissed a fan?
no! (giggles)

favorite smell:

best live band you’ve ever seen:
Pet Shop Boys?

what is more important, style or looks?
style – definitely style

who has the best hair in Canadian music?
probably me!

who needs a slap?
(giggles) everybody, once in a while.

who needs a kiss?
same answer.

I’ve found all kinds of Diamond Rings gems from trolling Canadian radio online. Below is an acoustic version of “Something Else” It was recorded last week dur­ing a “SONiC Ses­sion” at the Pointe West Honda Lis­tener Lounge at SONiC 102.9 in Edmon­ton. The video was worked by Eric Dodd and Rick Lee and was edited by Rick Lee.

(photo credit: Norman Wong)