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Owl City w/ Lights at The Fillmore

A lot of thought went into this review. A lot more thought than you would think. Last summer, when I first heard Fireflies, I tossed Owl City aside as a Postal Service wanna-be. Chona’s YouTube […]

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New To Me: The Horrors

There’s a full-on Horrors marketing blitz going on in the UK right now. They were on the cover of NME last week, their new album is released on XL next week, and you can stream […]

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Review: Death Cab for Cutie @ The Fillmore

SO magical watching this tour take shape. It was a 1 1/2 hour set, beginning with Bixby and ending with Transatlantacism. They were perfect bookends to the set. I thought Ben’s energy dragged a little […]