They Called Him Zone – Only You

Found this catchy throwback tune and accompanying video in my inbox this morning. They Called Him Zone’s singer and producer – Mik Davis, in new to my ears.

They Called Him Zone are currently working on new material and have a planned a single release for a new track titled ‘Death Drive’ for early June – including another video, starring Alternative tattoo model Zombie Cat Girl, the video is already in the storyboard/pre-production phase and will be produced and directed by Twenty Twenty Films, Bradford.

The band don’t step out in public very often – but will be making appearance at this year’s Infest Festival (EBM/New Wave/ Dark Wave) taking place 25th – 27th August 2017, Bradford (UK), Goth City Festival, Leeds (UK) on October 13th and also an all day electronic festival titled ‘Alpaca’ in the Bohemian Suburb of Saltaire on April 22nd 2017. Don’t think they have made it to this side of the pond yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

The video for ‘Only You’ was fully edited and rendered on Fiverr. Fiverr is an innovative and creative network for freelance creative types, artists, musicians, web developers and graphic artists, that provide their services and products at varying and affordable rates – the ‘Only You’ video cost $25 in total.

We came across Trust Studios’ profile on the site, read their write-up and watched the ‘Grunge’ video – their approach appealed to us. It’s actually the third video we have had made by a freelancer on Fiverr – it’s definitely been a theme for this record. ’

The video for ‘Only You’ was produced and edited by Richard at Trust Studios, UK –Richard says: ‘My aim on Fiverr is to offer services which will help bands, artists and producers to take their musical projects to a higher level.’