Das EFX Dead Serious 25th Anniversary Mixtape


April 7th marked the 25th anniversary of East Coast hip-hop duo Das EFX’s debut LP Dead Serious. Released April 7th, 1992, on East West Records, Dead Serious was executive produced by hip-hop heavyweights EPMD and features classic singles such as “They Want EFX” and “Mic Checka.”

To celebrate the record’s birthday, Wax Poetic’s friend Chris Read has crafted yet another exclusive mixtape featuring album tracks, alternate versions, and original sample material.

Listen up and enjoy!

Artwork : Leon Nockolds

Track list:

1. Das EFX – Straight Out The Sewer (Remix #1 Instrumental)
2. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)3. Stanley Turrentine – The Man With The Sad Face (sampled in ‘If Only’)
4. Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick – La Di Da Di (sampled in ‘If Only’) [Extract]
5. Das EFX – If Only
6. James Brown – Think ’73 (sampled in ‘Mic Checka’)
7. Lyn Collins – Think (About It) (sampled in ‘Mic Checka’) [Extract]
8. Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day (sampled in ‘Mic Checka’) [Loop]
9. Das EFX – Mic Checka
10. James Brown – The Payback (sampled in ‘Mic Checka’) [Extract]
11. Audio Two – Top Billin (sampled in ‘Mic Checka’) [Extract]
12. Otis Redding – The Happy Song (Dum Dum) (sampled in ‘Dum Dums’)
13. Lee Dorsey – Get Out My Life Woman (sampled in ‘Dum Dums’) [Loop]
14. Run DMC – Here We Go (Live at the Funhouse) (sampled in ‘Dum Dums’) [Extract]
15. Das EFX – Dum Dums
16. Wilson Pickett – Get Me Back On Time, Engine #9 (sampled in ‘Dum Dums’) [Extract]
17. Skull Snaps – Its A New Day (sampled in Straight Out The Sewer) [Loop]
18. Parliament – Funkin For Fun (sampled in Straight Out The Sewer) [Loop]
19. Das EFX – Straight Out The Sewer
20. Biz Markie – Vapors (sampled in Straight Out The Sewer) [Extract]
21. Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day (sampled in East Coast) [Loop]
22. BDP – Original Lyrics (sampled in East Coast) [Extract]
23. Eric B & Rakim – Eric B Is President (sampled in East Coast) [Extract]
24. EPMD – So Watcha Sayin (sampled in East Coast) [Extract]
25. Das EFX – East Coast
26. Joe Tex – Papa Was Too (sampled in Brooklyn to T-Neck) [Loop]
27. ESG – UFO (sampled in Brooklyn to T-Neck) [Loop]
28. Chubb Rock – What’s The Word (sampled in Brooklyn to T-Neck) [Extract]
29. EPMD – Hardcore (sampled in Brooklyn to T-Neck) [Extract]
30. Das EFX – Brooklyn to T-Neck
31. James Brown – Blind Man Can See It (sampled in They Want EFX)
32. BDP – Breath Control II (sampled in They Want EFX) [Extract]
33. EPMD – Underground (sampled in They Want EFX) [Extract]
34. Das EFX – They Want EFX
35. The Emotions – Blind Alley (sampled in Klap Ya Handz)
36. The Meters – Hand Clapping Song (sampled in Klap Ya Handz) [Extract]
37. Das EFX – Klap Ya Handz
38. Audio 2 – Top Billin (sampled in Klap Ya Handz) [Extract]
39. Booker T & The MGs – Hip Hug Her (sampled in Looseys)
40. Special Ed – Howdown (sampled in Looseys) [Extract]
41. Das EFX – Looseys
42. James Brown – Funky President (sampled in Looseys) [Extract]
43. The Emotions – Blind Alley (sampled in Jussummen) [Loop]
44. Das EFX – Jussummen
45. Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick – La Di Da Di (sampled in Jussummen) [Extract]
46. Das EFX – Hard Like A Criminal