Los Angeles Featuring Blank Frank – “Sexual Humiliation”

As we reported earlier in the year, Los Angeles (yes, from L.A.) are back with a new video directed again, by math tinder.  “Sexual Humiliation” reintroduces Los Angeles’ dark sensibilities and joins contemporaries Litanic Mask, Light Asylum, and Grimes in exploring the dark, cultish side of pop. This may seem de rigueur, but I’m getting a vibe from the Los Angeles kids that they’re rather serious about it, all while possibly not taking themselves too seriously; no strung up slayed goats here.  Well not yet, anyway.  Blank Frank’s shift from the seeker in the “His Hard” video to the hypersexual, ritualistic, homeless hottie in “Sexual Humiliation” silently screams ripped-out-heart-on-sleeve to us.  The hook follows suit; “I’m gonna break this window/and this window’s gonna break your heart,” and recalls a Some Great Reward (Depeche Mode, duh) era b-side.

From Los Angeles’ label, Mountain Fighting:

math tinder directs her 3rd video for Mountain Fighting, her 2nd for Los Angeles, which depicts Blank Frank playing the role of David, a homeless man, and sensualist who inhabits a dark and disturbingly sexual dreamworld that bleeds into his real life. Performing a sexual ritual, he is seen offering of his body as The Student to an unknown dark force. The body is then diminished and admonished by a demon, through binding, burning, and incantation they open up an inner gateway through which the blackness of the eternal void may inhabit him. This is the 4th version of this video, astrologically and numerologically the release of this version aligns with that of it’s creators and the window through which it was projected from the astral plane where Blank Frank calls home until he is summoned again to return.

As we’ve said before, D.I.Y. is not dead, and these guys prove it.  We’re looking forward to more, and who knows, possibly a visit to Seattle?  Consider it a public invite, L.A.

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