Gossip Return with “Perfect World”

Gossip return in a big way with “Perfect World.” It’s got some mad massive production and of course a stellar vocal from the unstoppable Beth Ditto.  It’s been years since I first saw them at a tiny little Seattle club called Graceland (now El Corazon), and now they have the world as their stage.  I’m predicting here that they’ll appear at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco. As a front woman, Beth has become an icon.  She’s fashionable, sweet, and has a voice more powerful than a locomotive.  She isn’t in the same league as Madonna, or Lady Gaga; she has bigger balls than they ever will.

In the day since “Perfect World” was unveiled, there has been chatter on my facebook feed of “the old Gossip” and “selling out.”  Beth Ditto has always wanted to be a performer, and if chasing your dreams is selling out, then more power to Gossip, I say.  There are at least a solid million Gossip fans, and any one of them will tell you what an inspiration the Gossip has been to the LGBT community, and to all the weird boys and girls out there who are encouraged to stay weird.  Check out their website for proof that Gossip are nothing without their loyal fans.  While you’re there, you can check out the single or just cop it below.  It’s also available now at your favorite digital outlet.  Also listen to the amazing Fred Falke remix of “Heavy Cross,” which I pretty much play in every one of my DJ sets!  If you have any lead on an official release for this remix, let me know – I’d kill to have it on vinyl!
Photos by Rankin and Lee Broomfield

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  1. You sure know how to represent the unstoppable Beth, Nathan and Hannah. Great write-up.

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