SUPER MORRISSEY BROS – This Charming Man, Nintendo Style

Well this EXPLODED in the last 24 hours. By the time I finish editing this post, lazyitis (Happy Mondays reference, anyone?) will probably have 500,000 plays of his bitpop hit, “This Charming Man.” We love nanoloop as an instrument (I got the iPhone version) and Crystal Castles and Postal Service have been faves of mine, and Paige, over the years. lazyitis is promising us more covers of this sort, but we’d like you to hear his other songs he’s got up on Soundcloud; they’re great as well. I’d like to hear a Joy Division or something really out there, like Cocteau Twins!  It seems that everything is borrowed from the 80’s in pop music these days, we love that he’s hijacked two of the western world’s biggest 80’s influences and unabashedly smashed them up!

I can imagine the actual video game – Morrissey navigating his way through Buckingham Palace looking to destroy the Queen, and anyone who gets in his way. Another level? Rescuing animals from the slaughter, slicing and dicing evil butchers. I’d totally play it.

Check out all three tracks available by lazyitis as of today. It looks like the download link for Super Mario Bros. has expired, but that may change based on the popularity of the track, or if lazyitis purchases a full Soundcloud account.