Perfume Genius – “Hood” Video

This one put a lump in my throat.  I’ve given Perfume Genius a bit of a hard time in the past, referring to him as a “downer.”  Well, the truth is sometimes a downer.  This piece is about the fear of giving yourself to another, but becoming so scared that you just give up.  I was walking that very tightrope with another like minded person this year.  I gave up, but I’m not sure why I gave up; but I do know I was scared.  How much can you take from the world, or a significant other before you just say “screw it?”  It ended badly, but I’m still hoping for friendship.  In just two minutes time here, Mike Hadreas bares himself, but ends it on an up note; things would seem rather promising with the help of foxy adult film star, Arpad Miklos.  Google him if you like, but remember to our readers under 18, and to NSFWorkers that your parents, or boss, might not like what you find.  Perfume Genius’ new record, Put Your Back N 2 It is out on February 21st on good old Matador Records