Go Ahead, Salyu. Make My Day.

Thanks to our friend Christian, this was the first piece of media I payed attention to today.  It’s Gondry-esque and will surely slap a smile on your face.  I’ve always been a fan of Cornelius from Japan.  In the heydaze of Stereolab and St. Etienne Cornelius fit in nicely with his quirky, boundary stretching pop music.  His new collaboration with Japanese songstress, Salyu, is an experimental album called S(o)un(d)beams.  The album is meant to explore to what extent Cornelius is able to utilize Salyu’s voice as an instrument.  And if anyone can translate the song title, we’d much appreciate it!  Arigato.  Update (1/12/2012) Our friend, Lynn tells us that the song is titled “I Want To Talk To You.”  Rough Lyrics after the jump!“I Want To Talk To You” rough lyrics.

Papa wants to talk to Mama
Mama wants to talk to me
I want to talk to my boyfriend
when you’re down you want to talk to someone
you’re the same right?
[call from] Los Angeles to Paris
[call from] Paris to the world . . .