Destroyer Covers “Leave Me Alone” By New Order, Phil Loses Mind

It’s January 2nd, and I’ve already been treated to a few new tracks (more later.)  But this one is a belated Christmas gift!  My personal album favorite from last year is Destroyer’s Kaputt.  Its production value sounded like a Prefab Sprout or Tears For Fears record; something from the mid-80’s.  And not only does Dan Bejar reference New Order on the track “Blue Eyes,” the albums overtly lush synths are straight up New Order.  Then there’s the part about New Order being my favorite band ever.  And now this?

Destroyer has covered New Order’s “Leave Me Alone” for a new compilation attached to the first MOJO magazine of 2012.  Of course, I got a little choked up and listened to it like 20 times in a row.  Where Paige is really into cover versions, I’m always wary.  Most of the time, I wonder why anyone bothers.  So my collection of cover versions is pretty light; they’re always respectful of the original, yet do something slightly different to it.  An immediate example is My Bloody Valentine’s cover of Wire’s already amazing “Map Ref 41°N 93°W”.  Hmm, perhaps a new category of my favorite covers is in order.

MOJO Magazine’s February 2011 issue is out now and contains a cover album of New Order’s 1983 game changer, Power, Corruption and Lies, other b-sides of the era (including “Lonesome Tonight,” one of my personal favorites,) plus “Blue Monday” its b-side, “The Beach” by contemporary pop artists.  Here’s the track list:

  • The Golden Filter – “Age Of Consent”, Tarwater – “We All Stand”, Errors “The Village”, S.C.U.M. – “586”, Fujia + Miyagi “Your Silent Face”, Seekae – “Ultraviolence”, Walls -“Ecstacy”, Destroyer – “Leave Me Alone”, Biosphere – “Blue Monday”,  Zombie Zombie – “The Beach”, Lonelady – “Cries + Whispers”, Anothers Blood – “Lonesome Tonight”, and KXP – “Murder”

There are rumors of a New Order U.S. tour this year, and Peter Hook is looking to play nice – we’ll see how that one works out.  for now, I’m just excited to see Gillian Gilbert back; she was integral to New Order during thier Factory Years.

Check out Destroyer’s cover below, links to find a few of these online, and Wire’s orginal and MBV’s cover of “Map Ref 41°N 93°W” after the jump.

Destroyer – Leave Me Alone (New Order cover) by cowboy_junkie

And the Mad Mackerel has the Destroyer and S.C.U.M. tracks for download. For now at least!