Chromatics – Kill For Love

I’ve been looking for this song in some format since Chromatics played with Glass Candy last month, and here it is, their next step. Chromatics have always been great in every incarnation we’ve seen. They’ve grown into a great pop band, as is evidenced by their (and several other Johnny Jewel projects) appearance in the current cinema sensation, “DRIVE.” Ooh, that Ryan Gosling sure is… Wait, back to Chromatics! “Kill For Love” is the supposed title of their new double album (hmm, more M83 type ambition?) and is the title track as well. It’s an easy shot for bloggers and writers to toss New Order around as a comparison (and in this case not a copy,) but “Kill For Love” nods to a time where simple, clean and minimal tracks can still create a dense and moving song. Check it out here, and we’ll let you know the date for the LP as soon as we know it!

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