Girls announce ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ and tour, including two nights at the Great American Music Hall

Returning with a new album a little less than a year after the Broken Dreams Club EP, Girls have announced that their second full length, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, will come out September 13th on True Panther. Says the label:

“On the third anniversary of the birth of Girls as a band Christopher Owens and Chet White found themselves entering the studio to begin recording their second album. More a collection of gear than a studio, recording took place in the bowels of a San Francisco office building. The two teamed up with new drummer Darren Weiss and guitarist John Anderson assembling performances and ultimately creating new music and musical relationships to carry the band through its newest incarnation.”

The band’s also announced a slate of upcoming tour dates, culminating in two nights at the Great American Music Hall on October 8th (9pm, $20) and 9th (8pm, $20). Tickets go on sale on Friday, July 15th. /via The Bay Bridged.

No songs have yet been leaked from the new record, so, instead, here’s Girls’ cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End” from a live session a few years ago. I’ve had this cover rattling around in my head a lot lately, and it reminds me of many of the reasons I like Girls so much. Like Johnston, Owens can translate feelings of vulnerability, optimism, and sadness in a way that feels unfiltered and sincere.