Ranger Dave hints at The Outside Lands 2011 Line Up

Tomorrow morning the 2011 Outside Lands Line up will be revealed. Over the weekend mascot Ranger Dave tweeted several dozen hints as to who will be playing the 2011 festival August 12-14 in Golden Gate Park. We’ve got some ideas in parentheses after the clue . Can you decipher any of his clues?

Rumor has it that Cut Copy and The Decemberists will be playing, as they have SOCAL dates announced in the days before and after Outside Lands.

“ranger dave is giddy as a school boy.”

“ranger dave is friday. FACT.”

“ranger dave is trendy”

“ranger dave is feeling the love & the impending watershed on monday.” (Foo Fighters)

“ranger dave is keeping a keen eye on the middle east. 2011 repeats 1848.” (Rebelution)

“ranger dave carves his long skateboard on the seven hills of san francisco.”

“ranger dave never sees rain in august in golden gate park. almanac that.”


“ranger dave prefers the metric system. yards, really?”

“ranger dave’s favorite animals at the SF zoo are the polar bears.”

“ranger dave is settled in on san francisco soil.”

“ranger dave is not on the right coast, but the west coast.” (Best Coast)

“ranger dave owes his health to mr. teddy jenner.”

“ranger dave vacations on the parry sound.”

“ranger finally threw out his advent calendar.” (Decemberists)

“ranger dave is whistling peter, paul & mary while he works.” (Peter, Bjorn and John)

“ranger dave is the general, out ranking his army subordinates.”

“ranger dave can stop now, yeah?” (Does it Offend You, Yeah?)

“ranger dave misspoke. its a 2008 twin peaks artist that will repeat in 2011” (Black Keys)


  1. InnerPartySystem, The Arctic Monkeys, The Beastie Boys, Empire of the Sun… those are the only ones I can figure out. Pure speculation of course.

    Heard a rumor about Cee Lo, but none of the clues apply. We’ll know in 20 minutes!

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