First Listen: Pale Saints “The Sight Of You” Cover From The Color Awesome

I’ve been hesitant to put this up, and so this is my cover of “The Sight Of You” by Pale Saints.  This song has taken many shapes for me over about 15+ years.  From broken relationships of my family and friends to my own, it’s always had a profound impact on the power of a simple pop song.

I was asked to cover a specific piece of music which meant something close to me for an upcoming art project.  My friend Clayton asked me to do it, and so I did.  With the help of our dear friend Erik Blood, I went into the studio.  I had a pretty specific outline and wrote much of the music.  What Erik did was obviously nothing short of amazing.  I’ve been embarrassed, scared and maybe sort of humbled that I could at least get this out of my system.  As well as doing the vocals and the music, I live drummed on the thing.  I hope Pale Saints fans who know the song will hear how much I have loved this song.  My interpretation is modern, but the idea and the feeling behind this song is still everpresent.  I hope.

Use our handy little player at the bottom left of our page or right click to download.  Be nice.  I’m not a pop star and doing this was kind of scary.  Or be mean if you want…

play or download mp3: Your Safety Partner – The Sight Of You


  1. i would have never thought of this song to be projected in this manner…being that it is close to my heart as well…well done my friend. darkness is blissful, best rocco.

  2. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! I discovered this blog today and this song is absolutely beautiful. even thought the lyrics are dark it’s so dreamy and modern that it makes me feel light and totally uplifted. Today was a beautiful spring day and this song fits my day so well.Thank you! this is amazing, keep it up

  3. I’m one of the biggest Pale Saints fans, so honestly I wasn’t expecting much…I was very surprised. You should be proud of this…and feel confident enough to push the vocals up a bit more.


    • Thanks, vitesse. I’m a huge fan too. I’m scared to hear what Mr. Masters himself would think!

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