Beat Connection – Surf Noir

Seattle represents again!  There’s a ton of new music coming from the Emerald City and all genres of Capitol Hill’s music community are flourishing.  The spotlight over the last year has been on Seattle’s Hip Hop scene; Fresh Espresso, Shabazz Palaces (newly signed to Sub Pop!) and Color Awesome favorite Thee Satisfaction will be world class acts within the next year.  Just pass the legendary Comet Tavern on Pike Street on any day of the week and you’ll hear any genre – metal, goth, twee or balearic disco.

(Needle scratch)  Balearic Disco?  Coming from the Comet?  Balearic Disco from Seattle?  Yes, you heard right, we even have our own little Air France appreciation society in the form of Beat Connection. Side note – their album title, Surf Noir might just replace the term “chillwave”  (which I hate, but I love this particular genre, so suck it.)

Fans of Memory Tapes, Washed Out, Boat Club‘s “Caught The Breeze” and of course (the curiously quiet) Air France will gag.  Even better, it’s completely free.  Highlights include the simple, falsetto-tastic “In The Water” (You’ll find me, in the water | Floating free in the sea water | Cause nothin’s like it when you’re in the water | Be with me in the sea water) and the international travelogue fantasy that is “Theme From Yours Truly”.  I love having these two guys here in Seattle. The new generation of kids are fun and fearless in this city right now, nothing like the self-entitled brats of the old Cha Cha Lounge on Pine.  Boy did those kids drink, gossip and generally not give a fuck.

Technology has given new bands an equal shot at getting heard by anyone, anywhere.  Beat Connection‘s model (along with that of Dead Mellotron and Thee Satisfaction) is simple – access. Tons of new bands complain that they aren’t being heard.  Well here’s some advice.  Be good, and until you’re really good, don’t get greedy.

Check out Beat Connection at their bandcamp page.  While you’re at it, check out bandcamp; they just might change the way the music business operates.

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  1. Hey i was just wondering if anyone had the lyrics for silver screen? I can’t find them anywhere!! I’ve figured out most of it but am curious to know what all he says!

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