Light Asylum – A Certain Person

Let me introduce you to my new band crush.  Light Asylum are Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello from Brooklyn.  If you think Brooklyn’s current output is a dime a dozen, you’ll have to think again after hearing this darkwave duo.  They’re heavily influenced by Depeche Mode, not to mention a few other mainstream industrial dance bands.  Shannon’s voice has been compared to Bowie and Grace Jones, but I hear some Alison Moyet in there as well.

Light Asylum played here in Seattle at Pony last week; I stupidly missed it.  I rushed to the bar to hear them play only to arrive to see them packing up.  Everyone left over were reeling over how amazing their performance was.  I interrupted Shannon and Bruno while they were getting ready to pack up their car (they were driving from place to place picking up shows!) to buy the CD everyone else had.  When we said goodbye, Shannon was yelling down the street at us.  “Thank you guys!  Spread the love, tell everyone about us!”

Well here it is, Shannon.  I jacked the first song from the amazing “Cardboard” ep, described as basically a demo to shop to labels.  Girl, you should be signed to which ever label you want because this music is amazing.

Check out their myspace music page for information on how to get some of their music.  I promise you’ll not only be hearing more about this band come 2011, you’ll be amazed by them.

Download light-asylum


  1. I’m so jealous of you… I know that they’re so damn good live, how can i buy their EP ? ;___;
    because everybody has this song… can you send me please ”Dark Allies”.

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