Air France: GBG Belongs To Us

gbg-air-france“Hello love
have you seen this?

That was the e-mail I received from Air France today!  The news broke the day before and they were probably wondering why we didn’t post something immediately.  This link contains the summer single Air France told us about back in April.  It’s a lovely summer song you’ll listen to over and over again – it clocks in at under 3 minutes, so why not?

“GBG Belongs To Us” is a love letter to a city.  Visit the site to see how much love there is.  A “Love Letter In Three Parts”, this piece contains a lovely essay on the relationship between you and where you live and crazy tram links to get to certain parts of Goteberg.  Part Two is the song available for download, and Part Three is a short video featuring what sounds like a work in progress of the new single. 

It’s all lovingly put together and furthers my own love for these guys.  I can’t wait until they’re able to quit their day jobs and concentrate on music entirely.

Enjoy here.

Thanks to Rolf Broberg for use of the Wikimedia Commons image